Mind Lab

Welcome to a new state of mind. Get rid of subconscious blocks and break through any long standing self-sabotage patterns, anxiety, stress, low self-esteem, binge eating or emotional eating patterns. With neurofeedback, matrix reimprinting, emotional freedom techniques and our meditation pod, we can reframe your past and rewrite your future.

Lab Treatments

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Mind Detox
In our four session program, your LMS mind hacker will address the origins of any limiting self-beliefs, allowing you to safely process past experiences in a new light. Drawing on theories including acupuncture, neuro-linguistic programming, energy medicine and more, we will eliminate and replace toxic beliefs.
Mind Cleanse
When you want to dive deeper, our six session program will use the same tools and techniques as the mind detox, yet allow us to tap further into your subconscious programming and create profoundly beneficial emotional and physical health benefits.
Led by Dr Andrew Hill from The Peak Brain Institute, we can train your brain to improve electrical impulses that correspond to specific functions – think more resilience to stress, reduced anxiety, better executive decisions, and the ability to spend more time in flow.
Meditation Pod
Our custom-built capsule provides a sensory escape. Experience guided meditation programs to reduce stress, increase self-worth, boost your focus, resilience and more.